CHAKRAnicity is a web-based support platform that enables groups of people to consciously raise energy levels with the intent of helping each other realize their goal(s). The process builds on 7 steps. The 7 steps build on a series of principles. Our phase one focus centers on a group transitioning through addiction recovery.

Program attributes include:

  • Desire. What matters to you? What is your purpose? CHAKRAnicity begins when a player commits to a specific goal (making 'it' their focus throughout the session). They move to profile that goal with as much detail as possible. What changes when their desire manifests? What emotions do they 'experience'? What people are attracted into the mix? What materialistically shifts (describing the new 'things' that come into play). Our team takes this detail — in all it's intensity — and creates a web-based vision board that delivers that player (and all supporters) a consistent point of focus throughout the session.
       - Registered players gain access to resources that will assist in profiling desire.
       - Suggestion - let your heart guide you (it's amazing how easy things become).
       - Suggestion - if you're challenged to follow your heart, let curiosity guide you.
  • Faith. The 7 steps engaged are grounded in principles that date back thousands of years and are proven out by science. These principles illustrate a gap between what many of us have been taught is possible — and what actually is possible. To fill this gap we've created a weekly discussion series (spotlighting the work of Dr. Dean Portinga), designed to enhance your understanding of the principles, demonstrate examples and provide a forum to explore your own perspective. A true belief in yourself and your innate abilities to 'get it done' equates to success. We strive to assist you in locking down that belief.
  • Strength.  Positive affect can be defined as the degree in which an individual believes the positive thoughts, emotions and sensations they experience impacts the outcomes they realize. By engaging and building on this power our awareness broadens, our creativity heightens, our focus sharpens... we become the best that we can be. Throughout the process we strive to enhance your ability to build positive affect through a series of exercises.
  • Alignment. Each week every player has one day where the focus shifts to them. On that day they engage a process, which culminates in them taking an inspired 'step' forward. The process of determining what step to take breaks down to:
       - ALIGNMENT (thoughts/feelings/actions).
    Players fully document this process through their journal entry (providing supporters a focal point to engage). Note - each of these elements are explained via the Spiritual Insights Broadcasts. Suggestion - authenticity draws people in.
  • LOVE. The format builds on the belief that collectively a group of people can consciously raise energy levels with the intent of helping each other realize their goal(s). We see the support taking three paths:
       - Metaphysic - seeing the beliefs, affirmations and action(s) as fulfilled through the 'minds-eye'.
       - Posted Comments - our thoughts of acceptance and celebration on what is unfolding for each other.

It's all GOOD!


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